Google, Gadgets, Ghost Tech, and a Few More Things

Skyping Baby Names

If you aren’t happy with just a street view, now Google has acquired an aerial photographer!

So the hot news this morning is Google’s acquisition of ImageAmerica, a company that builds high resolution cameras for the collection of aerial imagery. So if you didn’t like photos of the front of your house or car or you standing in front of a porn shop, just wait.

Practical Gadgetry

How far have you gone in the name of gadgetry?

10 Tech Disappointments…With Cool Names

Have you ever thought that some tech companies occasionally invest more brainpower in naming their products than in making them successful? You’re not the only one who thinks so.

Boredom busters for summer road trips

The summer driving season is upon us, and with it come hours and hours of weary road trips, complete with backseat bickering about which local FM station to tune into. But, wait, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right tech in your car, the miles and hours will just fly by as you listen to your digital-audio libraries or watch videos on port

Tech Sanity Check

Sanity check: Is the U.S. losing its role as the world leader in information technology?

Ghost-hunting tech

Modern ghost hunters may take hundreds of photographs at a reputedly haunted site before finding a visual anomaly they believe to be caused by something paranormal. Check out today’s ghost catching tech!

Facebook acquires Web platform start-up Parakey

Facebook, the famous social networking site has made its first acquisition. Parakey, a start-up that’s still under development, specializes in Web platform technology. Interestingly, the site is founded by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, who were also the co-founders of the Mozilla FireFox Web browser project.

Review: 6 Skype alternatives offer new services

Some of these services offer a complex mix of featuresThe first generation of VoIP services — Vonage, Skype and others — used computer and Internet technologies to make voice communications cheaper (and often free). Now a second generation of services is integrating VoIP with mobile and POTS handsets and services as they try to find ways to compete with their more established big brothers.

10 ways to become a better blogger

IT pro Deb Shinder offers a list of suggestions for blogging success, including defining the purpose of your blog, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate, using the right blogging tools, establishing a regular publishing schedule, and taking advantage of syndication.

Multi-gigabit wireless coming within three years

According to Press Esc, a team of Georgia Tech scientists working at the institutes’s Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) expressed confidence that their research into multi-gigabit wireless technology will be able to yield commercially viable products within three years.


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