Twitter Tweets: Four people YOU should follow!

I know that there are many, MANY more people than I will list here that are in tech/business, and on Twitter, however, these are some of the people I follow on a daily basis. These are the ones I’ve gotten to know, on some level, and have come to admire greatly, for various reasons. I’m writing about them specifically, because I think YOU should be watching them as well.

So… follow along…..

Chris Brogan

This man is incredible and he is EVERYWHERE! Chris Brogan is co-founder of PodCamp, a free unconference that explores the benefits and uses of new media community tools. Co-founded with Christopher S. Penn, and organized with Bryan Person, Steve Garfield, Adam Weiss, the first PodCamp was held on September 2006 at the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. Other PodCamps are organized by local community leaders.

Chris works as community developer for Video on the Net, a professional conference exploring the disruptive impact of the broadband Internet on the future of TV, Film, and Entertainment.

Chris is also community developer for, your guide to the best in long tail Internet TV shows.

My all time favorite idea of his is the group Grasshoppers. The goal of Grasshoppers is to connect a network of people who seek to help others, in lots of ways: help people find jobs, contribute to social causes, share resources. The real beauty of Grasshoppers lies in its’ simplicity. It is simply people…helping people. It really doesn’t get any better than that!



Melissa Maples

This woman is simply fascinating, and I like the way she thinks. This is an excerpt from her “about me”….

“In my life I have made tremendous amounts of ill-advised decisions, given huge amounts of money to the wrong people, started up the wrong businesses, and moved to countries I’d never even visited before, without doing any research or considering how I was going to fund my existence. I did all these things after many intelligent people told me not to do them.

The result has been that I’ve seen, done, and experienced more than most, and after a couple of country-hops I’ve ended up on the Turkish riviera, which ain’t half-bad. I haven’t held a regular job since I was 19 (despite being told that it would be impossible to live without a job), I didn’t go to university until I was 26 (despite being led to believe that my life would be ruined if I didn’t go immediately after high school), and I didn’t do any of the things I was “supposed” to do in the time frame I was supposed to do them, if at all.

And you know what? My life has been interesting and rewarding. It’s fantastic not being held back by other people uttering the word “but…”

So half this blog is for the people who, on a regular basis, ask me how it’s possible to do the things I’ve done with no money and no job. It’s not about considering possibilities, it’s about making whatever odd decisions you want and just going with them. And if there’s one thing humans are good at, it’s making odd decisions. The thing is, you have to learn to accept and enjoy that your unconventional choices may result in unconventional outcomes.”

… now how could anyone not find that kind of thinking to be stimulating?



Jeff “zemote” O’Hara

Intelligent, witty, and handsome… this guy has it going on. Jeff is a Linux & Network administrator for a large k-12 School District in the Chicagoland Suburbs. He has been employed in the technology field since the fall of 1998, and is huge advocate of Linux and open-source software and has been using these tools since 1997. Jeff single handedly designed & implemented open-source spam filtering, web content filtering, and various other network services for his employer which has over 14000 users daily.



Laura Fitton

Class, style, sophistication… these are the words I associate with Laura Fitton.

Laura Fitton is a presentations consultant and speaker. She helps clients achieve their business objectives by speaking with clarity, focus and ease. She develops comprehensive presentations training programs, and is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her clients learn to start with audience and results to pinpoint strategic messages and then deliver those messages to drive business and professional development. Ms. Fitton is a graduate of Cornell University, and founded Pistachio in 2002. She plays ice hockey, practices Ashtanga yoga and is also a stroke survivor interested in raising awareness.

When you learn to base what you say on your business objectives and your audience, you find opportunity every time you speak. Break through by learning to convey ideas effectively. Pistachio Consulting, because “Great Presentations Mean Business.”



6 Responses to Twitter Tweets: Four people YOU should follow!

  1. I can certainly second you on Chris Brogan and Laura Fitton. I’m privileged to know them both. And now you’ve introduced me to two other interesting people!

    Looks like a good blog here, only I don’t know YOUR name!

  2. chrisbrogan says:

    Well thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad that you appreciate so many wonderful people, and that you’ve included me. Glad to have you along for the ride, and I’m grateful for the way Twitter pulls people together in interesting new groupings.

    See you in 140 characters. : )

  3. Annie Boccio says:

    Wow, I already follow all four of these great people. And now I’m going to follow you, too (found you via the comments on Melissa’s blog!)

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  5. Jeff O'Hara says:

    Hey, think I missed this. I am honored you put me in the same category as Chris Brogan as a must follow.


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