What will happen in 2012?

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The 2012 Maya Calender : End of 5th sun circle (human civilization) graphic Crop circle.


Lately there has been much discussion  about the “end of the world” coming on December 21, 2012, according to some beliefs regarding the Mayan calender. The date December 21st, 2012 A.D., represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution (supposedly) at exactly 11:11 am GMT. I don’t how true that is, but here are a few things that ARE true do know about the year 2012.

November 13, 2012 – Total Solar Eclipse.

Second and last solar transit of the planet Venus of this century.

2012 Olympics

The second largest Near Earth Object on record
is expected to pass Earth.

This is the year when California’s ban on the production of foie gras is scheduled to take effect.

NASA’s new Orion spacecraft is scheduled to become fully operational for International Space Station support flights.

China plans to launch the Kuafu spacecraft

Freedom Tower in New York City: Construction is scheduled to be finished by 2012 at the latest.

The Hallandsas Ridge Tunnel is set to be completed, 17 years behind the original plan.

The Canberra class light aircraft carriers/large amphibious ships, the largest ships ever to be operated by the Royal Australian Navy, are planned to be in service by 2012.

NASA predicts that the Sun will also reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle.

Charles Manson will be eligible for a parole hearing again.

Don’t you feel so much better now?


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  1. Ed says:

    Check out http://www.polereversal.com

    They have forum discussions and news articles on 2012, pole shifts, and the mayan calendar predictions.

  2. scott parry says:

    i truely belive that the mayans were on to something to have such acuracy at such a early date within civiliation to be correct down to 1 day within 6000 years for the trojetry of venus, to get this acuracy with out any technoligy that we have. we wouldnt be able to do half the stuff that they were doin 3000 years ago. its just a shame that we dont have more info on them due to the spanish conquistadores and they hatred of the chatholic church (bastards) they destroyed a great civiliation all in the name of poxy god such a joke. somhing will happen all there other pridictions have come true, with the span of years wen something bad will happen cant what they called it now i will find out if anyones interested.

  3. Sitaví says:

    My father’s side of the family still speaks some kachiquel a branch of the Maya. I have visited some sites like Tikal and Cuello. There is a stunning connection between the Maya and Astronomy. They have acurtely predicted eclipses and their dates hundreds of years after their demise. Second a main reason for the colapse of the Maya i believe is droughts. Their aquaducts helped their flourishing cities live. Otherwise they may have left morre info over these subjects. I believe this reference has to do with a polar shift. Magnetic forces that occur aproximatly every 56,800 years or so is due on the date the Maya have given us. These magnetic forces can create tsunamis, earthquakes, monster volcanoes, ice age, lack of oxygen, global wars, starvations and more. This is my personal belief from comments i have heard from my Abuelo in oral stories that have been passed down for generations…

  4. nina says:

    should i be scared?

  5. elesia says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyy gggggoooooood

  6. Scar says:

    Well I hope im smokin some good weed that day.

  7. tahirihstarr says:

    Well they say we have seven cycles on earth – and we only begin the new one on 21 Dec. 2012. This meant to be the cycle where balance and wholeness get going once again. The Aztecs call it the Sixth Sun.

    So let’s have Fun bringing in the Sixth Sun.

    All the best – Tahirih-Starr*

  8. voxlebon says:

    Okay, man! Good Stuff.
    I really don’t believe in god(s) or anything but logical and racional thinking…
    So. Lets think a little.
    How they predict something like that?
    Pure observation of the stone age?
    Did they know about peak cycles of solar radioactivity that we, with all pseudo technology, only learned in the last century?
    Wow! Did they know about the 11 years interval?
    So… something sounds (and rears) very strange that we – pseudo world intelectality –
    could’t predict, earthquakes, tsunamis, extreme solar activity, AN ECLIPSE and…
    wait a minute… did they know about the center of the milky way in that time???
    There is One simple thing i really suspect by now, after that:
    Something will really happens in 2012… and there’s nothing we can do about to change.
    There’s noone to blame, also.
    Neither politics, big head E.T’s, my mom or yours.
    When I grow up, maybe i’ll learn how to construct a speaking building like then and…
    for sure… i will be able to make “longa manus” year counting based, simply, on sky observations without a telescope…
    I’m still reseraching about these events and getting very few answers…
    I hope to write back in your blog in 2013.

  9. Kimi says:

    (For voxlebon and everybody who will be interested) They was anable to predict this because they was knew EXACLY the first day when the cycle begins. They was counting days. As the big of the mayan researchers saying – Some one gave them that information. They realy know where is the milky way center exacly. And if you search logics, there is a proofs. Actualy most of knowedge in this time in history is handed from acient civilizations and confirm from the sience. People belives what NASA sad is cosmos – this is it you know. Actualy the goverments of big power conutrys like USA, UK, France (may be you guys are from somethere dont know) and more have that information from many years from now. But ask yourselfs what they did search in Jerusalim befoure crusifiction of J, Ask your self what english guys searched in India, Iran, Iraq – Asia, france guys in Egypt – What stones? Ruins? hahah A KNOWEDGE! about the earth! planet, galactic, universe! Only with this knowedge you can RULE. and it s fact, see what is going on. Dont belive what everybody saying on the television – yesterday our President sad that our country is BIG ICONOMICAL GROWN hahahah the truth is that WE ARE FUCKIN DOWN!
    You are right about that , you can do nothig about the things that will happend 2012 yea. But the point is to be your self this is only thing that be askd from you, and learn how to be the best human that you can be ever! Some people trying to fix your self in today changes, but this cant help them to enter in the future. Other, good people will represent the humanity then. Make your slef a good person and you will find all the answers soon. peace you all!

  10. Teacuuuuup says:

    i really hope nothing happens to us.. well ive never heard about the mayan calender be4, but why arnt they saying that the world is going to end in 2012 on the news, if it really was then thats all that people would be talking about, but its not so no1 really knows what it is. i announce mayan calender to someone and they dont even know what it is. so yea i will look forward to writing back to this on december the 22nd in 2012 when the world is supposed to be fucked up. people dont worry the predictions were never true! like the world was going to end in 2000, but hey i dont remeber that happening, and many other christian beliefs where supposed to occur but all have failed so i think this is a load of shit .. good work trying to scare everyone.

  11. angels says:

    hi we are few friends who believe in the 2012 dimentional shift very much. we want to help the mankind for this shift. we also want to inform every one about the new era thats been said the coming of th christ. thanks love to all our divine fragments…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    will we live?????????????????????????????????

  12. Grakovich Dimitrov says:

    Strange, Well… I suppose we should all try to do something… like… make a giant rubber room to be in when the insides of the earth switch and the largest earthquake ever happens. But then again, Earth is going into a Black Hole so It doesn’t matter….

  13. George says:

    I have been looking into 2012 for some time now. And there was just as much speculation that the world was to end on 2000. I think 12 21 2012 signals a time for change but not the end of the world.
    The mayan calender signals the end of the world at
    And 12 21 2012 is only
    This era signifies a “new year” type celebration for the Mayans. Or so i have been told/read.
    It is true that we will be passing over into a new hemisphere of the black hole at the center of the universe.
    it is true that this will be the end of the suns 11 year sun spot transition.
    Sure a meteor or a comet or an asteroid could collide with the earth, but realisticaly that happens almost every day.
    This is definately a date of significance however no one truly knows of what.
    if it is the end of the world, so be it and you have 4 years left to live so live them fully!
    If it isnt the end of the world, then you were able to live the last 4 years to their most and have adapted a healthy new lifestyle hence signifying a time of change!!!
    Anyways This is where I am at with 12212012!
    See you in 2013

  14. DAZ BOWER ov HULL UK says:

    ANYONE GOT A TIME MACHINE FOR SALE ? or SOME GOOD SHIT I CAN SMOKE on the night of 20 dec 2012. we dont need a big fucking planet hurdling to earths neighbourhood to turn it to shit…….. cos we have all had a hand in doing that ourselfs……….. THINK ON beyond 2012 just incase nothing happens & life does go on for us all what world will we have to be thankfull for having ? DONT SHIT IN MY GARDEN & I WONT SHIT IN YOURS.

  15. gringo1975 says:

    hay daz i got some gooooooooood shit u will like come to my house on the night and we can get high 2gether for the biggest show of our livessssssss.
    also any 1else who wants to come you have to be female for me and daz ok

  16. Bubishi says:

    Lets all live to the fullest and dont worry about death, it will come naturally. For now as we still breathe, lets give it all we got, were we stand, enjoy the bad times in our lives, and be ready for death. Come on its only death. No need to worry after what happens all the problems and all the sorrow goes away, lets all enjoy it

  17. giovanny says:

    2012 doesnt signify the end of the world. its the begining of a new era, the time its said that we will meet witi the beings from the cosmos(or as some may call them “aliens”) its said that the world will be one giant mind and we will be able to communicate telepathically,also that our apparence will change. i cant wait for it to happen…..

  18. T.M.M. says:

    Interesting opinions! thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Katie says:

    I don’t belive it. The world will not end. It is posible that some event will occur, but nothing is definite. By the way The great cycle started on August 13th 3114 BC and is scheduled to end on December 21, 2012 AD. The Great cycle was divided into 13 baktuns the mayans lived in the 9th and we are currently living in the 13th.

  20. joseph says:

    0_0 im scared,hug me please

  21. Vishal says:

    As the universe is full of distroyable probabilities, up till finger crossed nothing happened. and hope nothing will happen in future, this is because of god only power who take care of their child named earth and people like us……..so enjoy, god gift called life.

  22. joseph says:

    theres no such thing as god, so dont wait for it to make things better if something bad happens.

  23. jake says:

    You know i dont think the world will end 12 21 2012 but i do belive something will happen
    but i dont know as for that i guess we’ll have to wait… and yes incase something does do wrong i got the skunk! uhh some people would know what i mean…

    but for a comment some1 made like nearly a half a year ago and to other people that are peobably wondering the same thing… the question was: if people so strongly belive that the end of the world is coming on 12 21 2012 why wouldn’t they have that stuff on the news.
    Well the answer is simple, they could put it on the news weather its true or not but then that would cause major problems sucks as riots people looting people going crazy and killing an shitload of people because they would figure hey its the end of the world so what?

    but yeah peace

  24. nicole says:

    no that is not true its lie

  25. Rakesh says:

    o my god!!!!!! is it true?

  26. Stuart says:

    I think it’s sound like the they the earth was born, because there was volcanos, earthquakes, and the biggest astroid ever seen that going to pass the earth and the magnet wave from the sun.
    but if they use the power magnet wave from and pull astroid away, i did think it would be good idea’s to do. if they what i mean.

  27. baltazar says:

    hi all!
    i dont saying it will be happened in 2012 or it will not happened in 2012,but i just say mayans are were realy genius and it will not be a joke.

  28. maria says:

    we stilll dont know when the earth is gona end th eonly one that knows is god

  29. Som says:

    Lets meet after 5 years buddies 🙂

  30. tanner says:

    ok the mayas might have been really smart and all, but God made the earth and only he knows when it will end its in the bible. And the earth is only around 10,000 years old, how would the mayas know when the great cycle started, and besides ive seen interveiws with mayan people and they say that the great cycle is a huge celebration, and she had never even heard of the end of the world prophecy. God wouldnt even let this be hear if we knew when the end of the world would be but he didnt tell us because we would procrastinate on becoming saved, and why wouldnt you want to be saved you might not think theres a God but there is and even if u dont why take the chance…. P.S. Evolution is false Charles Darwin didnt even believe it he thought about it and kept a journal. He was in Bible College at the time and he went on a trip which was required how could the earth be here without God. Evolution denies scientific laws like the 1st law of biogenisis which states that there is no such thing as eternal matter, so screw the big bang…. and how would amoebas go from 1 cell to many cells without fission and how could coldblooded fish go to warmblooded birds and did the fish just decide that he wanted to grow legs and the end of the world could come in the next 30 seconds… no one knows except for God…. P.S. people say Christianity isnt true because the trinity is contradictory but its not a trIANGLE IS 1 shape but has three angles … Ggod is one essence (being) but three people. and its funny how im here denying evolution and preaching and i know its true but the funniest part is is that im only 13 and i could deny any evolutionary argument you can possibly throw at me… all i know is i dont know when the end of the world is neither do the mayas or yoursef but GOD DOES AND that if youd rather spend eternity in heaven rather than hell … all you have to do is accept Jesus hes like a Christmas present all you have to do is say yes. You dont have to be perfect God doesnt expect that he just expects you to try. You must realize that you are a SINNER just as much as i am and ask Jesus for forgiveness. and you will spend eternity in heaven.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Last poster was one smart 13 year old.

    I’m right with you.
    Evolution is a cruel joke.
    Jesus Christ is the one true god.
    2012 is just another depressing end of the world conspiracy that could be tru but very unlikely because God says he will come when we least expect it; and since many expect this date to be Dec 21,2009….I’ts almost sure not to be.

    P.S. I’d laugh if the end of the world came the day before or maybe the day after. That would really catch you by surprise.

  32. sabeen says:

    LOL i dont bealeve that!! its just one person who know when the world will have a end and that person is not i scientist or researcher!!! ITS ONLY THE GOD WHO KNOW WHEN THE WORLD WILL END!!!!

  33. the mayans are retarded=D says:

    heres what i think.. this is a load of crap.. ok.. so the mayans have predicted that stuff.. im pretty sure the dumbest scientist could also predict that.. so lets talk about y2k. the mayans also thought that y2k would end the world?? huh and about 1524? yea.. so i think this is a load of bullcrap.. and if im rong then im praying god will take me into his arms..

  34. john says:

    THIS IS a message to god. Are you there

  35. sanni says:

    i don’t think whether dec, 2012 is the end of the world or not …..instead it may end today or tomorow only.
    we all know at what edge we all are living on our planet..
    there are about thousands of factors that can destroy our planet in seconds….
    :extreme result of global warming..
    :any comet like sumekar-levi strikes ..
    :sun changes its magnetic poles instantaneosly..
    so,,i think we should pray god every moment…if we want .anything can happen anytime..
    we are human beings so can predict and think how to overcome the destruction of our planet……..
    but nature has its own power and no one can stop it…////

  36. albert says:

    ye were all fucked now manson is getting out there is going to be a shit olympic games and and the chinese are going in to space with the americans with a shit load of food and the sun is even wanting a bloody go as well go dam it and to top it all of the second largest near object to earth is expected to pass us which i think they dont have a bloody clue because they never get it right enyway. but all is not lost we will send up bruce willis and his drilling team to crack it open there we go sorted dam am good

  37. tanner says:

    thanx to the anonymous guy i pride myself on intelligence but im just gonna say that im very sorry for those who believe this bulls*** im sorry its just stupid and doesnt make sense i mean people believe it and i can practically prove seeral if not all of these theories were started by religios colts: nibiru said to start destroyinig earth on dec 21 2012 and continue to do so for three days, now i dont know about you but it seems rather convenient to me that it ends on de 24 the night comonly ceebrated as the day of jesus birth… and if you believe in evolution or dont give me a fact that evolution statas and i will prove it wrong

  38. doddy says:

    this is pathetic.. no one will ever no when the world will end.. they said it was gonna end in the year 2000 or has everyone forgot that to.. dont be stupid people. its wrong and you all need to get a life..

  39. tarantado says:

    ow shit!!! it is true?? no comment!! huh? fucking shit!! god damn.. fuck fuck!! fuck u all.. if all this true. go to your mama’s pussy and back again..

  40. jass says:

    Omg Is The World Really Gonna End And If It Does Every Body Enjoy Their Lives NOW ! Live In The Moment

  41. aaditya says:

    will we die if we travel on a plane at that time.
    is this real or not .
    what is the use of the scientists
    it is a waste

  42. renagade says:

    the ecstasy better be free that day cause the only way im going out is high az ballz

  43. arun joseph says:

    i never like this joke…..
    b’coz yesterday god told me
    don’t belive any thing by see and ear

    so i want to tell all be happy don’t tru to be sad

  44. anusha says:

    If the end of the universe is 2012 then i will be very unlucky person bcz i didn’t enjoy my life .i want to enjoy my life

  45. senz says:

    lets see on that day!!!

  46. ryan says:

    I dont know if know if that is true but if it is so long every body. I shall sit happily with my family while everything goes down. [waves]

  47. stephanie says:

    PLEASE READ THIS!!OK this goes out to all the ppl who dnt believe in god… it said in the bible. that god made the earth,
    who where the first people on earth?? well it was Adan. he was lonely so god made him a woman named Eva,
    god told Adan and Eva to not eat from the fruit tree named the tree of the good and the bad; but an angel that was really jelous of god also knwn as the devil; was kicked out of the paradise; and bacame an arcangel; so he dressed up as a snake. and told Adan to eat from the tree of the good and the bad, when god told them NOT to eat from it; theytook a bite; and suddenly they wher embarrased of being nude. so god comes and tells them now they have to suffer. and deal with the consequences. the bad that Adan and Eva did are called sins.. now Adan and Eva had to work by themselfs.. OK so for those who think god is fake read this!: who do u come from? ur parents.. who do ur parents come from?? ur granparents… ok so wen lots of people were duplicated by birth, they all spoke the same language, the people started to built a tower named: The Tower Of Babel,,;just to see if god was right in the clouds, but he is spirit.god changed their languages to diffrents. so thats how u got into mexicans. polish. arabic. chinese. irish. ect. so u came from the ancient ppl. knwn as Adan and Eva!! they both came from god!! so who did u come from?? GOD! who did we all come from?? GOD!!:)

    i am a girl named stephanie, i am 13 yrs old. i DO believe in god. bcs reading parts of the bible i learn many things, and if u want to see god u have to belive in him, if u dnt i dnt know wat to tell ya. i knw that all siners will be forgived by god. but those who dnt believe in him. i pray for u. i hope this was a good lesson;;; now bout the end of the world; only god knws, like it says in the bible ”those who seek the end of the world will get it. but those who love me, believe me, dnt hate on me, dnt ignore me everywhere you go, will be living in the glory for ever and ever”- God sisncerly stephanie ❤

  48. kasidy says:

    omg im scared and i do believe in all this and the bible with god and all that good stufff!

  49. kasidy romeros says:

    john u r dumb cuz god is there!!!!! he probobly did this cuz everyone is bad in this world too much sins!!!!!!!!!! people we got to stop being bad!

  50. Rod says:

    2012 is a diversion. There are many more serious and pressing issues to consider now….. American society heading for failure???

  51. alwyn says:

    podaaaaaaa pattikalaeeeeeee

  52. Romy says:

    I hope it will not real in 2012,because just our God to deciding when the doom come to our earth and I belief God has good plan for us,and He wise.Good blees you…

  53. majid says:

    i don believe in mayan`s calander but i believe that when all the human being forgets the humanity and nobody will care abt humanity.i believe that day should be the last day

  54. Con says:

    theres no god! cut out the religionous stuff!how do you figure earth has only been around for 10000 years only? earth has been around for millions of years, remember dinosours. I dont believe in the end of 2012. but i do believe that an astorid or no more sun, that will end the earth or humanity. this could happen any day. we just dont when.

  55. :) says:

    I think the Mayans just maybe got tired of writing this calendar and stopped. They can’t just keep writing a calendar forever right? It would take forever to just write thousands of years of information. This Mayan just decided to stop writing.

  56. prem says:

    well the world is going to the in hell no hell and no heaven only gone man submit your form in hell aur heaven

  57. manjunath says:

    As sun is also having limited life span,, earth is also having….. so may be
    If really GOD is there definitely nothing will happen

  58. Jericho says:

    Holy shit. What the bloody ‘ell is wrong with you people?! 1). This is a conversation not a chatroom, use some FUCKING SPELLING/GRAMMAR. 2). Don’t just type “OMGOMG I DUN WANA DI I TO YUNG T DIE I NOT ENOJOY LIFRE !! 1 one eleventy!”, it’s very bloody annoying. 3). For all thesde “god” people, shut up. I’m an Atheist and I’m damn effing proud. There is no proof that some pansy-ass beard-o will come down from “the (nonexistent) heavens” to fucking save us. Now, listen up to me. The 2012 theory was never, ever predicted by the Mayan Empire. They, on some accounts, believed in a global “Conciousness Shift” wherein all of us will simply mentally mutate to the point of beautiful enlightenment. The other is that we could have our Pineal Gland activated. That’s the thing that makes Meletonin (MEL-i-TOE-NIN), the “Sleep Juice”. Others say that the Mayans just didn’t finish the fucking calender, you idiots. Finally (not really, I’m going to keep going), some arse-grinch thinks that a “Planet Nibiru” will slam into us and cause some seriously fucked up shit. Rofl my mao, impossible. Read up, retards. And then, there’s the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), a machine at CERN (look it up), that will create a hypothetical reaction when Cosmic Rays hit our Earth’s atmosphere. Now, the Large Hardon Collider, is somin’ else (if the balls touch, we’re fucked!). Anyway, they think it will be able to create the legendary “Higgs Boson”, or the God Particle which was present in the Big Bachelor Par- Excuse me, I meant Big Bang. Others think it’ll make Strangelets, which is a particle that when it touches something turns it into strange matter. And we all know when big words come into it, Mista T. pitteh’s the foo’ who fuck’s wit’ the VOCAB. Now then, another thinks that we’ll just all die in that second.. FAIL. This has been Jericho Mercer Tobias Constantine, with a friendly fuck you, to all those idiots spreading mass hysteria.

    P.S.: I’m 11. And I’m more mature than all of you. LOLOLOLOLFAIL.

  59. jjesa ann says:

    is “2012” true:::::; n0!!we are not sure if the w0rld is ends……..G0D is only the 0ne wh0 n0ws if the w0rld is ends….

  60. jjesa ann says:

    is 2012 true::: n0!!we are not sure if the w0rld is ends……..G0D is only the 0ne wh0 n0ws if the w0rld is ends….

  61. ISMAIL H. SHAIKH says:

    Assalamo Alaykum everybody.
    I have recited Quran. In Quran Allah said, world will definatly destroyed. So I belive it will be happened. But when we couldn’t say. In HADISH say’s after 1400 HIZRI it may be happned, and now we are living in 1425 HIZRI, So it may be happned, but when, we cannot say, now or tommorow or 2012.
    Allah Bless you.
    Allah Hafiz.

  62. bogus says:

    Everyone here on this website needs to get an education!!

    Nobody knows the future, but what we can say for sure is that people who are stupid are also naive and those are the people that will believe anything they are told. Don’t be naive! If you really are concerned about all of this, then do some research and study the facts. Become educated…and I don’t mean by reading websites like this. Go get a legitimate book on Mayan history or talk to some astronomers. It’s not that hard to do…if you really are concerned. After all if you really think your life will end, then wouldn’t it be worth it to spend a few hours at a local library or contacting a university’s astronomy or anthropology departments?

  63. T.M.M. says:

    Excuse me? Some of us are quite well educated thank you. I have to admit, I do find the responses quite fascinating given the fact I never once mentioned the world coming to an end. Neither did the Maya. It was simply a reference to a time of great change. But yes, “bogus”, I couldn’t agree more. People who are concerned SHOULD try researching their concerns, however that is much more difficult given the vast amount of incorrect if not just BULLSHIT information being offered as fact. Archeologists have found Long Count calenders at numerous Mayan sites, and only one mentions the key date in Baktun 13 (2012): Monument 6 at the Tortuguero site. A calendar at Palenque, however, suggests that the cycle would end after Baktun 20, October 13, 4772.

    Also keep in mind that if all Mayan myths are to be taken as fact, the somewhere in the world there are 13 crystal skulls can save humanity from certain doom. This myth says that if the 13 ancient skulls are not brought together at the right time, the Earth will be knocked off its axis. This might be a great plotline for blockbuster movies, but it also highlights the hype that can be stirred, lighting up religious, scientific and not-so-scientific ideas that the world is doomed.

  64. Edward J stewart says:

    Alright, heres the story, The retards mayan made calendar,right? WELL THEY R WRONG!! WE WILL LIVE IN 2012!. SO tell the mayan the to shut their traps, because in 2066 we all are so suppose to die. read it in the bible. you see….Mayans can suck bleep.

  65. David says:

    2012 might be real… but we can’t change it!! Only god decides. Besides, it’s just a prediction.

  66. Paul says:

    Is 2012 really end of the world?I hope not,but if this true,every goverment in the world should inform to the public about the truth and make some action to save human race all over the world.

  67. sajeev says:

    One Nostradamus also was there who said something….. but unfortunately nothing happened…. Things will go on and definitely some type of balancing the equations will be there , that is a natural truth

  68. mikey mike mike says:

    well what avery interesting subect,is 2012 the end of the world?should i join some strange cult?should i run around naked singing im a little goblin?
    NO NO NO NO NO !!!! if youv brought into this bullshit your life for the next two years will be a steaming pile of shit,doing things like looking for changers in the weather paterns,or did i see somthing in the sky?should i take large amounts of lsd or spend all of my life saving on strange and pointless items such as books based on the end of the world.
    grow up guys stop sucking shit and relax its going to be ok!

  69. Mike says:

    The “end of the world” is going to happen on 2040,not 2012!!!Do the math!…hahahahahahahaha,told you!duh!hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  70. crico says:

    and one of the examples is 2005. Mayans gueesed about a disaster in 2005 and china was the victim. “The Earthquake”

  71. Ritu says:

    I belive in god bcuz Shri Ram said he will take re birth as Kalki Awtar in Kalyoug So how can possible the end of the earth.

  72. Marvin says:



  73. jb says:

    i have had enuff of reading all of these comments.
    i by myself or with your help will fix this.
    its always been my goal. to change the future. all the clues around us could lead to something? monalisa painting? holy grail ? all theese things have something in them… i believe…

  74. jennifer says:

    ……….sounds so interesting huh??????????????
    only GOD knows when is the end of the world!

  75. the only thing we could do if this tragical end of the day would come, “IS TO PRAY” for the entire human race. there could be no end if we start paying attention of what people did now as new generation comes.Yet this is a warning for the planet we live on, we could still have the chance to change the pattern we take on our path as the modern civilized individuals. If we kept on predicting of what could be the earth’s happenings falsifiable, then, its not the God’s will. Its within US!
    Good bless us all !

  76. mehdi says:

    All of these lies do not believe

  77. Prabhu says:

    If happens nothing to woory about that bcz that’s of gods decision….. that’s wiil be the result of deeds by man

  78. EmBe says:

    If the world dose end, then it dose. We can’t fight whats ment to be. Why break up friends when really you should love them, the world was ment to end on the 6.06.06. But did it? No! But hey we were ready for it. Live the life, short or long. You dont need to no when it ends because when it dose we will be alive or dead, and we will take instead of thinking you in a flim could 2012 and that in the end you going to live in afica come on! Just live your life and stop worriing about it.
    People/man/woman/children/anamail. R.I.P Before the time that im already dead to say it.

  79. jax says:

    ahhh…well i believe ,nothin will go wrong on 2012
    ok if disaster will happen ….then its ok..
    But no one can say the exactly date N time of it.If its in maya culture ,then its for them to believe N not for us .i want to know why dooms day is not today or tommorow ,coz simply answer is no one can predict of it.

  80. sammi says:

    climate change…. i think so

  81. Himadri says:

    I think a big will came in tha opposit side of earth.
    A big earth qeack will came and climate will be chanhe. we cn see in tha sky varius color .

  82. Himadri says:

    I think a big sunami will came in tha opposit side of earth.
    A big earth qeack will came and climate will be chanhe. we cn see in tha sky varius color .

  83. Derrick says:

    Look guys its very easy to give our opinions but u all need to know that Until the second coming of Jesus Christ the world will never end. some of the prophesies have come true.. so beat it wait till jesus come stay clean.

  84. Whiskey says:

    THE WORLD STARTED IN A BIG BANG SO IT ENDS IN A BIG BANG. Explorers discovered bones of neanderthals and god say he made man but hes wrong but im sure there is heaven but it wont be the end of the world in 2012, the mayans r barbarians they r enemys they r idiots!!

  85. iranian says:

    im agree that humans are not able 2 predict such things.and only god knows that when the world finish.even USA have too may programms for 2050,so how can U ay that world will finish in 2012???

  86. Ozi99 says:

    In the view of Islam Our Beloved Prophedt Hazrat Mohammad(pbuh)say’s and tell us No body know when the ALLAH(God)distroy the world.and also in we see the Holy book of QURAN abt it.So i request off all muslimz peoples menz and womenz and every ones dnt bealive on dis thioury.no Body known what happnd to next but Only ALLAH.thanx
    Ozi 99 from pakistan

  87. Ozi99 says:

    All of these lie.dnt bealive on dis.
    the Only one person is known when the earth gone end
    and that is ALLAH.

  88. carlo says:

    thats realy ????

  89. jakson says:

    The end of the world in the year 2012 is absolutely nothing more than a nonsense prediction.Insane propogator spreading such type of nonsense,absurd and ridiculous rumour. Mentally retarded those who are mentally sick predict and foretell such type of calamities.Such misfortune is absolutely unwatanted. The developed and developing countries are polluting the environment and such the major change in the climate is the outcome of the same. There is no ALLa or God or ony one else to creat or distruct the nature. Nature automatically change itself and there is nothing in its way to prevent it.SO DON’T BELIEVE ON SUCH RUMOUR. DON’T DIE BEFORE DEATH.

  90. F@llen says:

    To fully understand what is at hand lets take a look at a few things.First being that: no we don’t know when the ends coming.Two : the media will fill your heads with anything they think you will believe in.Paranoia is a key seller into todays television.Think about it for a minute.You see something about terrorism.Oh my God!!!The media loves that.They put us on high alert and nothing happens.Lets feed the media.Every one text their friends and email each other about the attack or so called attack and (bamm!!!)lots of people make money.Technology is a safe guard at this time to feed the rich while the poor get trampled on.Go ahead and bye into this Mayan bullshit.Watch the tv and build the paranoia.Because the only thing I see in our future is civilization not being so civil.The media is the devil.The anti-christ if you want to call it.You narrow minded people are so cynical and easy to manipulate that you will allow the media to tell you what to do,when to do ,and how to do.Consequently we will be the end to ourselves.We will be the apocolypse.When that begins then I will be ready to send you all straight to hell.All ye’ sinners of the simple mind.

  91. Paterick says:

    Uh 2012 is yet another year. What is amazing to me is this whole event is based on facts that are taken out of context. Does anyone know all about the Mayans? Or ya just taking some weird fact that it ends on 2012? So what? Ooooh and our calendar ends on 12/31 too.

    The stupid planet of Nebru coming towards earth. Hahaha. Now that one is a piece of work. Uh is it traveling at the speed of light? No? Oh okay.. then it will get here when our children’s, children’s, children’s die of old age. Oh and will it hit? No. Will it pass by? What if it does? What FACT is there that it will do anything to us at all?

    How about you believers out there who believe in this nonsense create a cardboard sign declaring the “End is Near” and leave us intelligent people alone.

    All this junk is based on FEAR. How can anyone of you have fear? How? God is with us all. If you believe in God and Jesus, only love and a long lasting life will prevail at the end. Sheeesh!

  92. kyle says:

    i realy dont give a rats ass about 2012 all i now is we all aer gonig to hell buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn baby buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn

  93. kyle says:

    this messege is for paterick not every one believes in god or jesus because they hate him to the bone but the question that really rattles my nerve is , is there really a god or jesus .

  94. kyle says:

    to scar if you read this i can hook you up with a pound of weed

  95. ayaad says:

    thats fake i dnt belive it

  96. Princess Ayeisha says:

    Its weired, how all the people who dont believe in the events of 2012, are all believers of God and Jesus Christ!! I believe, everybody should have an open mind. Is God real? even believers cant tell you the answer to this question! their belief is based, on an old book written by bored scientists and astronomers and forced faith upon their ansestors. Will 2012 happen? believers of this are taking information from many aintient civilizations who have predicted many true occurances. The truth will be set free eventually, its up to each an every individual to choose their path. I choose life, knowledge and understanding of the truth !

  97. tom says:

    its the end of world .!!!!!!

  98. Tetsuo says:

    Listen Guys. You’re really losing site about what 2012 is. We can’t say it’s the end of the world. We are simply acknowledgeing that the Myans knew all of the planets in our solar system. They knew their names, how many of them there are; what size they are. Heck they knew there was a solar system. All “god” knew was that their was a heaven above us and a hell below us (as if the world were flat). Nostradamus predicted this, as did many other profts, and the internet (look it up). But the myans as far as I know are the oldest and the most technical. Think about it when did science figure that the world wasn’t falt. When did we discover that we are on a planet and that there are otherc planets and other gallaxies. When did we discover the true nature of ther sun as one of countless balls of flaming gas? Why and how did the Ancient Myans know this without ever leaving the earth. Who gave them this knowledge. Why did they know that the planets will align with the center of the universe on 12/*/2012? Why are we just becoming privy to this knowledge with all of our exploration and technology. They beat us to it all those years ago. How. And why are christians and islams still holding on to thier colts mentalities. Its not the end of the world. It’s a new age. The age of Aquarius. I’m sure no one is going to read this and the few who do will somehow only hear end of the world. Step outside what you think you know. Stop being such a tool. You can’t learn anything if you already know everthing. Empty your cup.

    p.s. They found Jesus Christ dead in his family tomb with his mother brother wife and children. Why don’t you know that? Look it up. It’s the truth. Why do you remain decieved?

  99. angel says:

    The truth is that there is a planet coming our way and it is here now!
    The government are hindin the information about this planet….
    This year 2010 it will pass and the earth will be hit by it.
    The goverment know this and that is why they have taken action to hind this fact.
    Why are a; goverments keeping seeds in lage amounts in bunkers?
    Why are top people from the USA buying land in south americas? High up in the hills?
    Why have the uk been placing inportant books in salt mines?
    Why is denvore airport so important with active?
    People all goverments are liying to us as it is this year it will happen!
    Why has are the goverment hinding pictures of this planet?

  100. angel says:

    Please do your research and you will find the truth!
    Planet X is the name- Nebru

  101. angel says:

    2012 is a hoax from the govenrment it is this year 2010!

  102. angel3angel says:

    oare ce se va intampla??????????

  103. dr.ricky says:

    look im the one thats been looking up stuff for nasa found they have told me to tell this wes site thAT THE WORLD IS GOING TO END THE too sides cathlic an a nother one will meet an god will come in 2012 an the world will end becuse god will lost faith in use an end the world ps my email jimenezrichard@ymail.com phone 551741 text me ur coment

  104. dr.ricky says:

    sorry the phone is 5051741 text only

  105. Andrew skitch says:

    Nothing is gunna hppen i could bet anyone in the wolrd that nothing will happen. The mayan’s jsut decided they couldn’t be bothred to make the calender any longer. Trust me the world wont end, i am 100% sure 🙂

  106. Lamy says:

    First of all, If Maya’s were so good at predicting they would’ve been survived by predicting the Spanish and the civilized world taking over them. Second, Remember their god of moon and sun ? And how many people they’d cut off their throat and shed their blood for ? The civilized world such as the Persians and Greeks, Predicted the end of the world because even with an little knowledge one will know that this world will end some day. Everything is limited in the earth and not eternal. Let alone, The human destructions and evil. Oh, Those so called mayan’s and aztec’s calendar and engravings on earth is nothing but an traffic sign and maps for the aliens passing through. what ever happened on the year 2000 ? Don’t sit and wait for it people, It can happen anytime. So instead of watching the clock and calendars, Do as the great Persian poem, Khayyam said over an 1000 years ago. So the world is destined to destruction, Assuming that you don’t exist then, Enjoy your existence today.

  107. kawhy says:

    ohy that is not true you are not our god

  108. Prasanth says:

    i feel very happy when i heard the news that 2012 fact is true……….

  109. Iris says:

    The world is NOT going to end, anyone who says that it is deserves to die. Do you know how serious scaremongering is? People kill themselves because of it! and dr.ricky, NASA has NOT told you to tell this site that the world is going to end, if they were going to tell anyone then they would have put it on their site instead of saying the world is not going to end. And angel no it isnt, do your research before you start trying to scare people 😉

  110. q_s says:

    it is just a political matter.do not belive.they wanna u to belive it!!!

  111. Andreas says:

    well, if something is goin to happen, i hope that it will be quick. unltill then, live your life like a human should have and do whatever you like withing a reasonable scale… Maybe its not the end but a new begining…

  112. nooo says:

    omg we all gona die!

  113. fili says:

    we didnot know anything aboutthefuture. weare ahumans.Ionly believe by God idonot care about what ever people said. 2012 is not the end ofthe world.nobody told tothe people how they said these they donot have any reasonable evidence. theysaid only on 2012 bla bla bla is will happen.these is notthe reason.weshould have areason when wetalk about something. ONLY GOD KNOWS ABOUT THE FUTURE

  114. manunga says:

    only god knows what will happen in future,nobody knows

  115. Andy says:

    I don’t know if god is real. But was’nt the world going to end in 2000/2006. Sure something might happen but I don’t think it will be that bad. I sure hope this thread isn’t dead

  116. JOSEPH says:


  117. crazy joe says:

    Mine fellow americans………….
    The world will not end, and I beg of you don’t tell false things to people…….

    MIne interest goes to our money and not to the end of the world……..So Lets talk business how can we make some good money………

    Thank you…………

  118. shyamssssssssssssss says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………lets all hope nothin will happen…n if anythin happens lets all hope that we r with our galfrnd or wife or our loved ones………but the present climatic conditions are really causing adoubt dearsssssssssssss…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. andrew says:

    DEC. 20 2012

    Im gonna by 30 coolers worth of ice house beer and watch the greatest firework show ever. plus Im gonna yell the you know what word in a crowd of black people.

    and if it doesnt happen you just had one hell of a night

  120. T.M.M. says:

    Damned skippy!

  121. T.D. says:

    i just have one question if there is no 2012 why have there been so much rain and rainstorms did u know 2012 is supposed to start and end as water. PAKISTAN- over 2 million in need because of floods, HAITI- big flood there, and ottawa the summers there are always sun in the summer and they just had a rainstorm.my belief is 2012 is real and i dont believe in god because if there was a god he would not put a lot of people in need in pakistan and i know pakistan they pray a lot.

  122. T.D. says:

    hi im a person wondering about 2012 if real or not i dont know but i just posted a comment recently about the weather coniditions happening and i just went visited pakistan again and they are very good people and they like to balance thier lives, but my only question is why are they having so many floods that they dont deserve, and why god would make such a thing happen?? im not saying that there is no god i believe he’s real i just wonder why though that flood happened in pakistan??

  123. Anominus says:

    It is a load of crap about the end of the world. It is the beginning of the new era something about us or our children will change. It could be that we grow gills , we could grow tails , grow more fingers or toes. Listen to my theory and don’t be scared. xxxxxxx

  124. jacob622 says:

    nothing will happen in 2012

  125. SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hi guys, if a calender created by Mayan`s is true. It should be just started a new cycle calender and how can they known such a accurate end of the world again on the day one of their new age. Because, according to them the world will be ended one day before the calender is created.

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