Things That Make You Say “Hmmm…”

I’m one of those people who just finds life and the things in it interesting. I’m curious about so many things, and I love to read, so when my curiosity gets in high gear, one thing usually leads to another, then another, then another.

Today’s journey began with Clipmarks, where I was assembling the various items I’d been clipping over the last week or so. When I finished, I hit the surprise me! button, which shows you random clips posted by other users. Well…. this led to quite a “surfing adventure”, and I found so many delicious, informative, interesting, or just plain entertaining sites…. I just had to share them!

So here you have them, in no particular order, and with a few examples of what you might find when you get there….

Movie Mistakes– Some of the best movie blunders in existence.


Pictures– taken at JUST the right time


Amazing ways to Tie Your Sneakers


WATCH OUT…Don’t Pass Out!! The after-effects of a night of fun.


Not Your Everyday Photos


Weird Toilets Urinals and Sinks from Around the World


A Beautiful World


Strange Clouds


It’s Just In YOUR Mind- Advertising


And finally…

How NOT to Make a Power Point Presentation


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