Really Useful Websites

Spring cleaning tips and tricks all the year round. You’ll find gems like using soap and vinegar to clean wood, and a simple way to brighten up gold – a dab of handwashing soap on a toothbrush. There’s a list of cleaning providers, and a discussion forum.

Thinking of buying a sat-nav system, DAB radio or MP3 player, but don’t know which to choose? Why not ask someone who already owns one? This site brings together owners of products with prospective buyers. It’s a great way to cut through the marketing speak of manufacturers and helps you make an informed choice on what you buy.

Lots of useful info for keeping your PC running smoothly. There’s detailed instructions on how to defragment your hard drive, a must to keep your machine running fast. Plus handy tips and tricks for FireFox, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, along with game cheats for Tomb Raider, Delta Force and Battlezone.

Stuck for what to have for dinner? Don’t feel like going out? This site has 40,000 free recipes, all created, tested, reviewed and approved by home cooks. There’s even step-by-step videos.

Trying to send holiday snaps or music files by email can fail if your mail server rejects the message for being too large. YouSendIt’s free service allows you to upload files of up to 100Mb, and sends a link to the intended recipient.

Find out the difference is between Scotch single malt and Irish whiskey. Discover other bourbons besides Jack Daniels, including Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace and Elijah Craig. There’s also extensive tasting notes from connoisseurs of the golden brew, giving you an excellent idea of what to expect.

If you’re forking out for an 8Mb broadband connection, an 8Mb broadband connection is what you expect. This site performs a speed test to assess how your connection measures up.

Provides user-submitted “how to” videos on subjects from how to defend yourself against a gun attack, open a beer bottle with a piece of paper, install programs on your computer, and lots of cookery.

Got a problem and need an answer? Log on to this community weblog, post your poser then await advice from the “hive mind”. Current topics awaiting advice include what to do when a Mac shows the “blue screen of death”, what financial aid is available to students and why cats follow you into the bathroom.

Keeping on top of trojans, viruses and worms can be tricky. This site keeps a rolling update of all the current threats, as well as links to the latest versions of the AVG suite of protection software. All software is free.

Volunteer chefs answer your questions about cooking. If you need help on making that soufflé rise or need to know whether chilli should have kidney beans in or not, this is the place to ask.

Get advice and answers to anything. BlurtIt has a team of researchers and professionals on hand to help you with everything from careers, health and beauty, and relationships, to shopping, education and genealogy. You can also try your hand at being an advisor too. If you’re any good you’ll be featured on the home page as Star of the Day or as a Weekly Top Blurter.

Fill in your likes and dislikes and this will notify you when your favourite band is coming to town, lets you know what’s happening where you live today, this week, or this month, and you can share these events with your friends on your viewable calendar.

If you haven’t heard about this site yet it’s high time you did. The Internet Movie Database is the place to end arguments about who has been in which film and what the name of that actor is.

Instead of picking up the phone to make an international call at eye-watering cost, just go to a website, type in the phone number and chat for free. And it works on any computer, private or public. You’re limited to 10 free minutes a day if you’re not a member, but signing up gives you a wealth of extra features.

A special thanks to Allie Williams for suggesting this one:

Zvents is  a local search engine for things to do – events, concerts, festivals, movies, performers/artists, community events, etc.  Users can also list their events for free.


3 Responses to Really Useful Websites

  1. dogslol says:

    tx for the useful sites!

  2. Horacegb says:

    omg.. good work, brother

  3. Twila_Zoned says:

    Umm…. thanks Horace, but I’m a chic. LOL!

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