The Internet Has a Face

With YouTube, a text world of interaction and networking is now given face and a persona. Not only for entertainment, the YouTube website is a platform for communication not previously used by the average web surfer before its birth in early 2005. Since then, this website has hosted not just coca cola and mentos experiments, but a network of vloggers who have meaningful interactions beyond the limits of text. Users are now seeing and subscribing to one another, attaching video responses along the way which embrace comedy and compassion, as well as criticism and conversation. Before, we were reliant upon what the user has expressed through words, however, when one can read beyond words through visuals, the communication seems to become more “human and personal.” If there was a fear that the internet was making society antisocial, vlogging would seek to prove otherwise.

With that said, the following video was created to explore the content and purpose of vlogs, as well as the networking and interconnectivity as users respond and reach out to eachother within and beyond the YouTube website. Many of the clips were found through a simple search for vlogs, resulting in a better understanding of the use of such a medium. Enjoy!


is a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.



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