Tech Cool and Tech “WTF’s?”

Some make you say “cool!”, and some make you say “WTF?”… you decide which is which!
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Timex Ironman iControl iPod Remote Watch

Waterproof Floating iPod Speakers

Jaybird JB-100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaner

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Kanguru Bio Slider Biometric Flash Drive


One of the things that you worry about when you have a flash drive is security. This is especially true if you are putting sensitive material on it. Well Kanguru makes a flash drive that is married to your fingerprint.

Belkin In-Desk Docks

Ceelite Flexible Light Panel

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Exploding Cell Phone Kills Korean Man


Authorities can’t say for sure whether a quarry driver was killed by an exploding cell phone. But all indications are pointing to the fact that it is the cause. Until an autopsy is performed and an investigation reveals the truth, the final verdict won’t be rendered.

WebDT 360 Rugged Mobile Tablet PC

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