A Few Twitter Apps I Like

Ahhh…. may I introduce you to a few of my favorite Twitter Apps?

TweetAhead When you need to make a future post (maybe as a reminder) you can schedule a tweet for future posting.

TwittyTunes is a FoxyTunes companion Firefox extension – it allows you to post your currently playing songs to Twitter with a click. As a bonus, you can also post the websites you’re visiting, videos you’re watching and more!

(*) Important note – TwittyTunes does not auto-submit each and every song you play to Twitter. Instead, it allows submitting the songs that you specifically want to post with a click – you are free to decide how much or how little to share with your friends!

TwitterFox – What sets TwitterFox apart from Firefox add-ons like TwitBin is that TwitterFox doesn’t take up space in your browser sidebar. Rather, it hangs out in your system tray and pops up only when your contacts post a new tweets or when you click on the icon to read your latest messages. TwitterFox makes using Twitter more more convenient and accessible from the Firefox Taskbar. In just one click, you can send a message, reply to a friend or simply let everyone know what you’re doing. The big advantage is speed. It gives you the ability to respond to a message instantly or respond to what a friend of yours said in an instant. Alternatively, you can send the page you are visiting via Twitter to some of your contacts.

Quotability allows you to into a user ID and keep up with the conversation easily!

Twitter Groups allows you to tag your followers into different groups. Then you can send a message to those groups without needing to send the message to each person one at a time!

Twitzer – Twitter long text v1.1 is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter.com

MessageDance is an email-based utility for sharing digital media to all of your social sites. One email sent by you goes to multiple social destinations like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, and more. Your friends can also send social messages to your sites with Just One Email. (also) http://www.messagedance.c…


And last but not least, I absolutely LOVE Chirpscreen!
Chirpscreen, is an interactive screen saver that offers:
* Automatic, effortless display of the latest photos and messages from your friends from Flickr, Facebook & Twitter
* Public Flickr photo displays on the topics of your choice (celebrities, cities, you name it!)
* Interaction (share items, leave comments)
* Customization (choose which friends to see)
* Windows XP/Vista compatible; Mac under development
* … and much more coming soon!

Of course I have many more, this is just a quickie list…..


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