BananaScreen-Unlock Your Computer With a Smile

BananaScreen is a fun and easy solution to lock and unlock your computer using only your face!

BananaScreen will automatically lock your computer when you move away from it.

When you come back, BananScreen unlocks your computer in less time than it would take to enter your password.

How does BananaScreen work?
With a simple webcam, facial features are captured to build a statistical representation of the face. No picture is stored on your harddrive (or anywhere else) but only your face model (binary format).

Unlocking restricted areas was done until recent years by simply introducing a code or a password. It did not matter if the protected objective was a highly prohibited zone, the door to a safe or simply your house. The only thing you needed in order to gain access was the right password.

Later, biometric locks were employed to open the unlocked doors. The most used one still is fingerprint identification. You simply press your finger against a small screen and if you have the right hand/finger, in you go. As technology progressed, the most important objectives have gained increased protection and retina scan (first commercial device was released for commercial use in 1984) and blood samples are necessary for clearance.

As advanced as computer technology is, most of us still use passwords to unlock the screen of our desktop. They offer pretty good protection, but have a major flaw: no matter how elaborate they are, they still can be cracked given the necessary hardware and time.

Amazing as it may seem, you can make use of biometrics technology in order to lock your computer. All you need is a webcam and a piece of software capable of facial recognition. The rest is easy.

Banana Screen is such an application, specially designed to build a statistical representation of your face. The facial features are not stored in a regular picture, but as a binary file, so your picture is not stored on your computer.

The application is designed to provide an easier and securer way to unlock your computer. The idea is for the computer to lock after a user-defined time of inactivity and when the user returns, the computer should unlock based on facial recognition.


· A correctly configured webcam
· 5MB on your harddrive

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