No “Quick Reference Guides”

Ask, and ye shall receive…

While trying to muddle through, figure out, sort, and delete the vast bookmarks I have listed under a special folder entitled “Look At”,  I posted this comment (via SocialThing) to a few of my social networks:

“Seriously, why can’t I get a “quick reference guide” for the networks, tools, sites, apps, wikis, gadgets, and gizmos I’m interested in?”

While it was really more of an exasperated groan of frustration than actual question,  it was nonetheless answered on Pownce with amazing insights I felt obliged to share.

by   Andy Glover

“Because… (Take your pick from below…Feeling a bit bemused at the moment. 😛 )

it would make it too easy for you to eliminate the fluff from the gems…

it removes the sense of wonder and mystery of just clicking links

the guide would take more capital than most of the entries in the guide have access too.

by the time you finished it, you would have to circle back to remove the ones that had collapsed during the writing.

the people tasked with writing the guide decided to play World of Warcraft instead.

if we write it, the terrorist win.”

Thank you, Andy, for your clarification and enlightenment on this matter!

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