The World at My Fingertips

I often joke with friends that if it weren’t for the last minute runs to the grocery store or the midnight dash for cigarettes, I would never have to leave my home. More and more, I see the truth behind the jest, and yet, I never cease to be amazed by it.

As a full time college student, I do attend classes on campus, yet I take half of them completely online, and could do so with all of them if I chose to. With the soaring gas prices, that may become a reality next semester, because my college is 60 miles from where I live.

As a single mom with a son in high school, I am able to keep a daily eye on his homework/grades through Edline, and can correspond with his teachers at anytime.

I do my own car repairs, and thanks to AutoZone, I can find any diagram or specs I need in just a few clicks. I can order the parts from them, or e-bay and have them delivered right to my door.

The same goes with anything else I want. Clothes, shoes, home accessories, lumber supplies….whatever…. they are a few keystrokes away.

If I want to tour the Smithsonian or check out the latest discoveries in the solar system….”click”…

Anything I want is out there…. to review, explore, purchase, learn about or watch. I don’t even have cable TV because there is no need to. I can watch any tv show or movie for free, at my convenience.

It’s amazing really, how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time… and the possibilities are endless. For all these things, however….nothing can replace the smell of honeysuckle on a spring morning, or the feel of waves lapping against your feet as you walk on a beach. Outdoor concerts, making smores by a campfire, fireworks on the 4th of July…. These things are best experienced in the moment, and in person.

The world really is at our fingertips… and it really is a beautiful world…just remember to get outside and enjoy it once in a while!


One Response to The World at My Fingertips

  1. chantel says:

    I can be a hermit for sure. But sometimes you just need to be out there fighting with your boyfriend in public to feel it!!!

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