World Enough, and TIme

This morning, my good friend Wayne Smallman of posed a question Pownce that stimulated my thought process once again.  (He is SO good at that!)

Today he posed this:

“Guys, name a current technology that, if invented tomorrow, would be banned.  Since I am very picky, be sure to give a sound justification for your idea..”

Here’s what I came up with.

For me, this is a no brainer…

As you probably know by now, scientists have already made a human-cow hybrid embryo from DNA.

While Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, says “This is one of the most controversial ethical issues in all of cloning and stem cell research” he also says that many people may be disgusted or frightened by such work. “In my view there is no risk of making monsters this way. The biology will not work. Nor is that the intent of any of these experiments anyway, so I don’t think that fear is justified,” he said.

But….what if they could?

Years ago, an author by the name of James Kahn wrote a book called ” The World Enough and Time”, in which such experiments took place, and the results where the rich people of the world making hybrid “pets”. The story is placed in a post-apocalyptic world where humans coexist with a plethora of mythic creatures: Centaurs, Griffins, Vampires, and Sphinxes, whatever you thought about, the creature will show up. Still if that’s not enough; there are also mutated intelligent and speaking animals like Bears and Cats; or kind of insects as enhanced delicious Butterflies; or cyborgs and even clones. All of these gentically engineered by hybrid mutations.

It wasn’t so long ago that cloning was science fiction. Now we’ve done it. The same with making a human/animal hybrid. Now we’ve done that too.

The biggest fear factor isn’t so much what they’ve done…it’s not knowing what ELSE they have done.

How many of these experiments are they keeping in the dark?

You know they are.

You know they will.

Where will it really end?


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