The line between being creative and eccentric is very thin and in the already crazy world of cars, what looks weird and what assumes the shape of a cool trend is a very subjective issue. What might seem as a crazy and ugly car to one might be the darling of many others. Yet, there are some cars that would most likely be crazy in the eyes of those who made it and it is those weird ones that we are after. Some of them are viewed as bizarre works or art, while others are just an attempt to make something outlandish. While we will not look into the cars with special paint jobs and blinding chrome work as those would be too many, this are the ‘Funny Fifteen’. So get ready for the out of the ordinary…

VW Microbus Ball made by Billy Gibbons:

This weird looking ball is an art project under Volkswagen and looks more like a vehicle out of the Chinese cartoons.

Car with wacky Feet:


Ingenuity + Crappy Ideas = this car with very ugly feet that really hurts your stomach. No Happy Feet here…

Jaws in Japan:


This is the idea of one guy to promote Universal Studios in Japan during its early days. The idea got shot down in a flash.

Reebok you can drive in:


One pair of snickers that is made for Big Foot… Maybe bigger than Big Foot. It is an actual car though!

Weird wired Volkswagen:


You surely do not want to fool around in the backseat of this one.

Alien Car from Bali:


Bali is such a beautiful island and now it seems to have been taken over by Satan… Or Aliens!
Tirezilla Art Car:


Completely decorated with shreds of old tires, this would scare the hell out of even most reptiles.

Welded Armadillo Car:


While there is no information on this bizarre beast, we would like to make it our official Armadillo Car.

Kaba Car:


While this is no Ferrari in red, this Hippo car has a long tradition in Japan and is the official promoter of ‘Kabaya Sweets’ in Japan since World War II.

Car with High Heels:

Enough said, the picture speaks for itself!

Jet Rocket Car on the streets of LA:


The car is pretty wacky, but surely LA has a lot more stranger sights and all of those may not be cars.



Now you need not stop for a pee, though you may want to look out for the flush.

Snake Car:

For those who love reptiles, this would be a real treat.

Dream Car 123:

An electric car that looks like a pyramid on wheels.

Zeppelin Art Car:


Taking designing to a useless new level…

There is a list of the wacky 15. Some of them might be cool for many and others might like a few of the cars in the list. That just goes to show that in the auto world, being weird and crazy is totally cool and you can take it to any insane new level. Whether people call you an insane maverick or an ingenious creator, keep doing what you want to do with your car. At the end of the day, it is your love and passion that count!