I’m Giving Duct Tape For Christmas!!!

December 3, 2008

I think every guy or gal could always use a good…………………roll of duct tape.

After all, duct tape is like “The Force”: It has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together.

Real friends give friends duct tape because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. For one thing, duct tape is “HMO on a roll”. It’s a band aid, a wrist strap, ankle wrap, and emergency bone relocator. What about using it to design a post-surgery running bra? Women can use it for a “lift enhancement” and “belly reduction” at the same time! (duct tape makes a damn fine girdle!)

Just the general, around the house purposes make it the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL TIME!!! Duct tape makes the stapler obsolete! It can be used to reseal that bag of tater’ chips! Use it to remove lint, reduce fraying, and hem clothing. Your friends can use it for personalized bumper stickers, or as a mute function on other humans!

Duct tape makes an awesome fly strip or critter-catcher (for the smaller variety of varmints}. Use it for countless household repairs such as a patch for the swimming pool, fixing the leak in the garden/vacuum hose, hold a car bumper in place (or the car trunk down). Hey! You can even patch that hole in your tent!

It can be used as a sensual aid! Use it as a c**k ring, slave collar, blindfold, or restraint.

Yep, from bumpers to the bedroom, every guy and gal needs a roll of duct tape!